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Lets Talk Birds

By Stuart Sacks

Longtime Phila fan here. Born a Phila fan, and live and die with each win and loss. Not something I can control, just is. I hope you will bear with me as I am an eternal optimist and tend to think things will work out for the Philly boys even if there is virtually no chance.

I believe sports should bring fun and a good feeling to it’s fans. As an Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and 76ers fan that means I am happy when they win. I don’t understand these radio talk shows that harp on the negative. I want to feel good. When a team wins I want to talk good stuff, not nit pick the little anal negatives constantly. Also, what is worse than listening to these talk show guys who you know haven’t watched the game but are analyzing from a newpaper column. Brutal! If you don’t want to watch the games then get out of sports and spare us PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

So in this column we will look at the positives. If the team has a chance, we will ride it to the end. Even though the Phils lost a twin bill last nite, it has been that kind of roller coaster season (again). Can they win in that bandbox of a park? I think they can, but we will talk more later about that. I think with the Phillies this year, we have to try to look at the big picture, it is a long season and the rest of the division stinks including the crappy overated Mets. Lets hope some of their young arms take hold.

Since this is my first Eagles blog let me open with my pre-1980 10 Favorite Eagles of all time. In my next blog we will look at my favorite birds from 1981-Present. Later I will break down and look in depth at this year’s bird’s team, which looks still like the class of the East and possibly depending on McNabb, the NFC.

Ten Favorite Eagles (this list only covers my time as a fan 1964-1979)

  1. Norm Snead > All time favorite bird, strong armed QB, terrible line and team around him (1960s)
  2. King Hill > Norm Snead’s backup, well loved because he never got to play
  3. Bob Brown > Greatest offensive lineman whoever lived(1960s)
  4. Tom Woodeshick > Hard nosed fullback who ran for over 900 yards a year, behind an atrocious line in 14 game seasons (1960s)
  5. Ben Hawkins > Fleet acrobatic wide receiver (1960s)
  6. Leroy Keyes > taken with the 2nd pick in the draft, right behind OJ Simpson (ouch!)
  7. Roman Gabriel > Brought respect back to the QB position after being acquired from the LA Rams > leader of the “Fly High” gang (1970s)
  8. Bill Bradly > One man defense, free safety, frequently led the league in interceptions and was a great punter (1970s)
  9. Bill Bergey > All Pro Middle Linebacker (1970s)
  10. Charley Young > Pro Bowl Tight End (late 1970s) > first dominant Eagles tight end.

There are many more interesting characters such as Tim Rossivich, Floyd Peters, Lee Bougess, etc. Send me a line if you are interested.

Next Post More !!!!!!!!


I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. I have a BS in Business Admin, a masters in Network Engineering, working towards a masters in Admininstration and am currently a technology coordinator for the Camden Department of Technology as well as an adjunct professor of Information Systems at Mercer College. Sports are my passion, specifically Philadelphia pro and college. Thank You Stuart Sacks

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