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Eagles: The Bad and the Ugly

Yesterday’s loss was bad. I called Chuck Norris after the game and asked him to give the Eagles a reality check in the form of a collective kick to the groin. Unfortunately, he said he was too busy watching the Phillies.

The players and coaches reaction to the loss was down right delusional.

Throughout the locker room, there was an attitude that the eagles were a swell team that is better than the rest of the NFC east. In the spirit of said delusions…I have decided to write this article from that perspective to point out how utterly ridiculous that mentality is….

Reggie brown is the best receiver of all time in the history of the world. His wily veteran savy places him head and shoulders above Desean Jackson. His number should not only be retired in Philly, but throughout the rest of the NFL. Did anybody else see the collective sigh of relief from the Redskin’s Defense when they were dealing with Reggie all day instead of Desean? They should send Andy a gift basket for freeing up their safety to cover Westbrook and L.J.

Speaking of Brian Westbrook, he wasn’t hurt, he simply went into the Locker room to have his measurements taken for his Hall of Fame Jacket. The Eagles don’t need to bother adjusting their game-plan for when the most dynamic back in the game is unable to play. It’ll all work out.

One fan observed that the Redskin’s punter was the spitting image of Brad Johnson (same number too). This was the highlight of the game.

Andy Reid is the best two-minute drill playcaller since Art Shell. Seriously, John Runyan would have a better chance of driving the team downfield. Time to give it up Andy. There were a collective three passes to Jackson, Avant and Basket. Pretty lame given their 100 yard games several weeks ago.

The Eagles shut down tight ends better than any other team. Sometimes, Jim Johnson boggles the mind. Week after week, the Birds are giving elite tight ends a free release on the snap. Why in the name of Freddie Mitchell would he do that? It is the most glaring weakness of the defense week after week.

The Eagles will win the remainder of their games. If the Coaching staff can’t admit a need for change, then it’s looking more and more like 2007 all over again.

David Akers deserves a key to the city. I hereby dub thee: “Chumpy McChumperson”. He was good. He isn’t anymore. End of story. Pack up your toys and go home.

OK. Don’t we all feel better now?



  1. Steve

    October 6, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    They were simply beat by the better team in this particular game. I laughed when I heard McNabb say that the Eagles were the better team. Hail to the Redskins!

  2. jim

    October 6, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    I am tired of mcnabb and andy reid and marty mornigweg, let’s get some new leadership in here that knows what an offense is supposed to do.
    this team sucks! and they have the audacity to think they are the better team. get a clue mcnabb, it’s called a scoreboard for a reason!
    when you are sitting home in jan, will it sink in then? probably not!

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