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End of an Era?

I expect to be a small voice in a very loud room. With every loss, the room becomes louder then before and to everyone else, I appear even more blinded by the hype machine that is the Philadelphia Eagles.

I hear the local media DAILY tear this man apart. Almost as if it has become a personal quest to unseat Mcnabb to validate their earlier predictions of his failure.

After the infamous Baltimore benching and the 1st NFL tie in years vs the Bengals, all of his biggest doubters waited on the edge of their seats to see him crumble. To which, he quietly & humbly had maybe his 2 best games of the season against quality playoff teams.

And while Westbrook deserves all the attention he has gotten from those games, some credit has to be given to the man everyone was so ready to replace with Kolb until he looked worse vs Baltimore then Mcnabb did.

But to be honest, this city will miss Mcnabb when he’s gone and all the loud voices now, will be somewhere blaming Andy Reid. {I believe the bulk of the blame does rest on Andy’s shoulders, but that’s another story for another day.}

If you can name 5 better quarterbacks playing now, not including Manning or Brady, I’d be shocked. It’s not easy to find a franchise quarterback, ask Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota, etc. Dallas thought they had one in Romo, and now I’m starting to hear rumbling that he’s a “choker”. Ouch! T.O. cryed for him last season, now this season he’s gently throwing him under the bus. Things change fast in this league. Mcnabb has been doing this for 10 years at a high level, you would think this city would give him 2 bad games out of 160 plus. If he did what Romo did in the playoffs, we would have been outside his house in Jersey with pitchforks.

I don’t believe he will still be here next year, but I hope I’m wrong. Maybe for him that’s best, but I selfishly wish we could keep him. And Dawkins for that matter. For this team’s sake, I hope someone else within the organization can see what I can. Anyone???



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