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Improvements Ahead?

If you’ve read my bio you know that I have a cranium that is slightly larger than average. Yes I am the butt of many jokes about my head size. But it’s all good and fun. It’s true I really have smacked in on the concrete countless times, fallen down stairs and ricocheted it off steal railings, been hit with a few pucks or sticks in my ice hockey days, beaned with a pitch or two in my baseball days. So my large melon is perfectly understandable. However as I blog on this site for the first time, I think banging my head in frustration against doors, walls and bars after each Eagles season has increased my fitted hat size from 7-3/8 to 7-3/4 over the years.

Luckily I have only had to live with about 27 yrs of futility as an Eagles fan. I have cousins and uncles and friends who have had to persevere much longer. My dad’s head is HUGE!!

And so January 18 another season ended in frustration. I bounced my head off my car hood and drove home.

After about a month of ‘coming to terms’ with the loss, I tried to look at the bright side of things. This team came out of nowhere and made what amounted to a 2-month improbable run when pretty much everyone thought they were down and out. They were right on the doorstep. In fact they would still be on the doorstep heading into this off-season and into the start of next season.

Now I know it’s rather early to start worrying. However, it’s kind of hard to decipher ‘the plan’ that the organization has in place. They are losing an awfully large amount of players. No they are not losing Pro-bowl caliber players but they are losing leaders and depth- Dawk, William “Tra” Thomas, Runyan and Buckhalter. I truly feel they are NOT as good a team today as they were on January 18. But there is plenty of time for that, and hopefully the improvements and upgrades are just ahead.

The next 6 weeks leading up the draft should be quite interesting. The Eagles have lots of picks. They have lots of roster spots available. They have lots of money. So there is a potential for lots of wheeling and dealing and exciting moves and big draft picks.

Until then I will allow my head to heal as the swelling subsides. Thankfully, though, I now have this blog to let out some of my frustrations.

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8 Responses to “Improvements Ahead?”

  1. McFly says:

    Good stuff. Yeah It would be nice to have some kind of plan. But this is the Eagles and they are smarter than everyone else in football.

  2. Hondo says:

    You are right, they aren’t better. And I don’t see any “plan” at all. Why don’t you use that massive cranium to get a job with this organization and set them straight.

  3. Johnny Vines says:

    well said….i like the “ahead” pun. yes, the Birds moves continue make us all scratch our heads…obviously some larger heads need more scratching….heehaawww

  4. North o' The Broder says:

    Well said Head. Looking forward to many more articles filled with your sage comments re: the Aigles.

    Given Lurie’s new spot on the world’s billionaires list and the gobs of cap room the Aigles have, we better see someone in camp who is a proven catcher of footballs……we’ll see!

  5. McFly says:

    Would love Boldin or Holt!

  6. Demps says:

    Good stuff Joe. This team has driven me completely nuts in the past couple of weeks. I agree that this team is not better right now than it was a month and a half ago and that it looks like they have no “plan”, but I have a feeling that they are going to do something that will make up for the middle finger that they gave to Dawk and the fans. History shows that they have done this before. I just wish that the Wolfman on 610 WIP had done a better interview with Banner. He needed to pin Banner down and make him say that they did not feel like Dawkins was worth the money they would have to pay him if they put the franchise tag on him. The Wolfman let him off the hook instead.

  7. Barbs says:

    Love the site!

  8. phillykid96 says:


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