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What do Andy Reid and Jerry Sloan have in Common?

EVERYTHING. Jerry Sloan is a Hall of Fame player and coach. No one can argue that he is one of the greats!  As a coach he HAS NEVER won the big one. He came close but MJ’s iconic jumper sealed his fate.  He is the longest tenured coach in American sports.

Andy Reid is going down the same road. If he continues to coach until the end of this contract  he will have been the Eagles coach 15 years. I guarentee that Big Red will not have won the big one in that time. Sloan had  Stockton for 19years. Big Red has had Donovan Mcnabb for 11 years and counting. See the similarity?

I’m a Philadelphian and an Eagles Season ticket holder. I’m VERY torn about this new contract. On one hand I’m thrilled he is staying because I know every year the Eagles will be competitive. I can feel safe to know that our franchise will not end up like the Brown, Lions, Raiders, or Chiefs. But they will never be as good as the Colts, Patriots, or Steelers. My season tickets will hold their value and I will be able to turn a profit on them for years and years. I’ll never be stuck in the situation where I have to give tickets away. 

I will also never feel the joy of having the NFL championship.  As Eagles fans can we accept this fate? I believe we are forced to. With the Eagles management structure designed as a business there is no room for taking a chance. They are so methodical with regards to contract negotiation and players are only paid “x” amount for each position. As Joe Banner has said every position has a dollar amount assigned to it. We saw this example unfold this past off season when Brian Dawkins was let go. Dawkins in their estimation was not worth the dollars. Jeffrey, Joe, and Andy didn’t see the value of the Dawkins intangibles. You can’t measure that with dollar signs. Look at who they replaced BDawk with? You can’t tell me that it is an improvement.

I thought that McNabb was on his way out. Now I know this is just Donovan’s midpoint. Andy Reid will force the Eagles to renew Mcnabb for another 5 years. Andy’s fate is tied to Donovan. It’s no coincidence that Andy Reid called Donovan a Hall of Famer. Never before did Andy speak that way about Donovan. Andy has realized that McNabb’s success and his career will be forever entwined with one another.

Too bad that McNabb will retire without a ring much like is basketball counterpart John Stockton. Sometimes being a great player isn’t good enough. G Cobb was right when he coined the phrase Negadelphia. When it comes to football and Philly we have EVERY right to feel that way.

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