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How Much of an Impact Will the Eagles Injuries Make?

To me, the most upsetting thing about losing the Packers wasn’t actually losing. The thing that bothered me most were the injuries that came from the game.

During Sunday’s game, we lost two offensive starters for the season. We also saw two starters suffer concussions that may very well hold them out of the game this week against the Lions.

I’m not mad at the players for being injured, that’s not unfair. However, it is upsetting to lose such key guys this early in the season. It’s not going to make anything easier the rest of the year.

You have to feel really bad for Jamaal Jackson. Here’s a guy who worked extremely hard to come back from his ACL injury, knowing that this team was much better with him. No one ever thought he’d be ready to start in Week One, but he was able to do it. However, Jackson suffered a torn tricep and was placed on the injured reserve, ending his 2010 season.

After spending much of the offseason worrying about the center position, we now are forced to do so again. In Jackson’s absence on Sunday, Mike McGlynn stepped in to the starting role. The Eagles will now have to decide whether or not to stick with someone they have or try to find someone from outside the organization. Along with McGlynn, they have the options of using Nick Cole or calling A.Q. Shipley up from the practice squad.

Another guy you have to feel bad for is Leonard Weaver. He truly did everything the Eagles asked of him in 2009 and was able to earn some very high honors. Off the field, he’s a tremendous person so you hate to see something like this happen to a guy like Weaver. He’s a huge talent and will be missed this season.

The Eagles already replaced Weaver by signing Owen Schmitt. He’s not the player that Weaver is, but is a guy I enjoyed watching in college. Schmitt hit people so hard, he broke the face mask on his helmet a few times. I’m not sure how the Eagles will plan on using him. Weaver was a guy the Eagles liked getting the ball to, but I’m not so sure they’ll do the same with Schmitt. LeSean McCoy and the other Eagles running backs will have to step it up and take on some of the touches that Weaver would have received.

The injuries to Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley aren’t as devastating because you know they’ll be back. However, I think the time table for their return is very much up in the air right now. The Eagles have had experience dealing with concussions in the past and it’s a big topic around the league. Players can’t be rushed back too early which is why the return of these two guys is up in the air.

On Kolb’s end, we saw Michael Vick enter the game Sunday and play at a high level. Kolb will be the starter when he returns but I think people are pretty confident with Vick leading the team for the time being.

On Bradley’s end, we’ve seen how sour things can go when he’s not in the lineup. He’s a tough guy so you know he’s going to come back as soon as he can. We saw the toughness out of him on Sunday when he re-entered the game after not being able to stand on his own power just shortly before that. Maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing in the world, but the guy is a competitor.

The linebacker situation isn’t as bad as last year without Bradley, but he’s still a guy that makes the team much better when he plays. Until then, someone else will have to step up.

Stewart Bradley

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