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Opposing Gab – Interview with Jaguars Gab

To get prepared for the Eagles and Jaguars match-up, I had the opportunity to ask Russ Loede, of Jaguars Gab, a number of questions. Check out Russ’ response below.

EaglesGab: David Garrard was pulled from last week’s game against the Chargers. What are your thoughts on the decision? Could Luke McCown take over the spot on a permanent basis?

JaguarsGab: David was pulled with the game in the bag, 31-6. No need to keep him out there with four picks. Lose-lose situation, what does he profit by staying in? He’s one of the most consistent, accurate signal callers, this outing was a rarity. Only two other occasions has he thrown 3 or more interceptions in Jacksonville. He boasts a career 70:43 TD to INT ratio. We know he will perform at high level, this game doesn’t refute that. No need to panic, Jack Del Rio made the smart choice. You guys wisely benched Donovan McNabb at halftime in Week 12 of ’08 at Baltimore, that same season, the Eagles were a few plays from reaching the Super Bowl. This move is a non-issue. One bad game. Luke McCown? He’s out for the season with a torn ACL. What a shame. However, we just signed the tantalizing, tremendous Todd Bouman. Todd couldn’t even start for his alma mater Saint Cloud State right now.

EG: It doesn’t seem like the Chargers had too much of an issue scoring points last week. What has been the biggest problem for the Jaguars defense?

JG: Well, where do I begin? We have given up the league’s fourth most passing yards. Secondary is banged up, understatement. Other than Rashean Mathis, you probably wouldn’t recognize any of the following names: Courtney Greene, David Jones, Tyron Brackenridge. Sound familiar? I didn’t think so. Two of the three actually started last Sunday against San Diego. Does it even matter if I told you the two? No. You remember Sean Considine from Philly? He’s our leading tackler. Run defense? Glad you asked. We gave up 82 yards on 16 carries to All-Pro Mike Tolbert. He’s a third-year fullback from Coastal Carolina, just in case you didn’t know him. He’s a world-beater. If Kampman and front four don’t get to Vick in a hurry, game over. Defense is all about pressure; considering the sad state of the secondary. Why do you think we reached sky high for Tyson in the draft?

EG: What was the biggest difference between the Jaguars win against the Broncos and the loss against the Chargers?

JG: I’ll give ya’ three differences to behold: 1. Turnovers. Six giveaways against San Diego, none against Denver. Oftentimes, that’s the name of the game. 2. QB pressure. Three sacks, 11 QB hits against Kyle Orton, one sack, 2 QB hits against Philip Rivers. 3. Home, sweet, Home. 2-6 away from Jacksonville last season. We were in San Diego last Sunday, not a good sign.

EG: I see Maurice Jones-Drew only had three more carries than Rashad Jennings last week. Will that trend continue?

JG: Stats are deceiving Mike. In the game against Denver: Maurice, 23 rushes. Rashad, 4 rushes. No reason to run MJD when you are down big. He carried the ball every time in the 1st half. No Rashad when the game was still worth watching. Totals very misleading. Also, David threw three picks on consecutive drives in the 2nd quarter. Not a chance; heavy diet of Jones-Drew, with a small appetizer of Jennings. With a side of “scrambled” Garrard. Think of MJD as your Philly cheese steak, Jennings as some other guy’s left over waffle fries, and Garrard as the small cup of catsup on the side for the fries to be dipped into.

EG: Where do you see the Jaguars having an advantage on offense? On defense?

JG: I like our chances with Mike Thomas in the slot against your DB’s not named Asante Samuel. He’s a speedy playmaker, watch out for him. Very under the radar. He will burst on on to the scene relatively soon. On defense, I like Aaron Kampman against either one of your guys tackles. He’s going to bust through to disrupt Vick. I see Aaron generating an abundance of pressure along with Tyson.

EG: Where do you see the Eagles having an advantage on offense? On defense?

JG: Mike Vick. #7 is an advantage at all times, due to his rocket arm, electrifying elusiveness, and blazing wheels. DeSean Jackson in space. Very hard to contain. I don’t know if we’ll be able to slow him down. Tough match-up. He’s got more moves than Ex-Lax. You gotta like your chances with Trent Cole/Brandon Graham off the edge. I know I do. Extremely difficult to defend that combo. Nate Allen, two picks in his first two games, we can’t overlook that. No juking your guys talent on both sides of the ball.

EG: As a Jaguars fan, would you rather play against Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick? Why?

JG: VICK. Don’t even have to think about it for a split-second. All for the aforementioned reasons. Just so gifted. Skill set is unreal. Toughest QB in the league to wrap up. Dual-threat.

EG: Give me a score prediction.

JG: Jacksonville Jaguars 19 Philadelphia Eagles 27

Maurice Jones-Drew

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