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My Thoughts on the Hit on DeSean Jackson and the Consequences Around the NFL

I didn’t originally plan on speaking about this topic. I was going to look past the hit and just hope for a speedy recovery for DeSean Jackson. However, Dunta Robinson’s name came back into the news yesterday as he was fined $50,000 for the hit he put on Jackson.

Along with Robinson, Brandon Meriweather was fined $50,000 for two hits he had on Sunday and James Harrison was fined $75,000 for a hit as well.

The NFL has tried to make strides in protecting harmless players, but the big hits this Sunday put those kind of plays back into the spotlight.

Was the hit on Jackson vicious? Absolutely. However, should they play result in Robinson being fined $50,000? No it should not.

NFL players are trained to use their bodies as weapons. Big hits can break up plays and have a huge impact on the tide of the game. We saw Brian Dawkins throw his body around for years and loved every moment of it. He injured himself on more then one occasion for the way he played, but it was the way he played.

Is it right for players to intentionally try to hurt the opponent, using their helmets as weapons? Absolutely not. However, guys like Robinson are being used as examples for trying to make an impact in a football game. Should repeat offenders face fines? Absolutely. But what about guys with a clean slate who try to make an honest play?

I understand that the NFL wants to prevent further things like this from happening, and what they did after this weekend may help. However, I still have to disagree with how they handled things this week.

I think people of Philadelphia will agree more with the fines then other cities around the league because there was a direct impact for them. Again, the hit on Jackson was vicious and it’s going to cause him to miss time. Despite that fact, I’m still against the fine on Robinson.

What are your thoughts on the hit on Jackson and the action taken by the NFL this week?

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