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Kevin Kolb Shows Class, Character, and Work Ethic, Despite Situation

Kevin Kolb knows he will be traded, whether it be to the team of his choice, or a completely off the map team, both Andy Reid and the Eagles organization have made it abundantly clear that Kolb will not be wearing bleeding Eagle Green next season.

This leaves Kolb in a tough situation, as with the lockout in place, he is essentially stuck on the Eagles. There is no way that he can be traded, and he will remain a member, (or whatever locked-out players are), of Philadelphia until the lockout is lifted and teams can once again trade. But even through this lockout, Kolb has shown class that I believe, few players in the NFL possess.

Even knowing that he will be traded, Kolb still worked out with his teammates. It’s clear that Kolb cares about the guys that he used to play with, and that he wants to leave on a good note. It would have been all too easy for Kolb to just throw his hands in the air, hold ridiculous press conferences, and blow off any requests or concerns that the Eagles organization might have, until he was traded.

No, not Kevin Kolb. He took this opportunity to work out with some friends, teammates, and co-workers and have a fun time doing it. From what I can see, Kolb has been completely professional with the media, and has not caused a scene surrounding himself about being traded. With his situation, being demoted and then told he was going to be traded, I think it would be safe to say that most players in the NFL would be flat out belligerent. Kolb took a different route, and it shows.

It’s not an easy task to walk into a practice after a long-offseason. Now imagine having to walk into a practice that is not your team’s, but someone else’s. Kolb once again grabbed the chance and went in against the social norm, and just had a good time. I’m sure it’s tough to pal around with teammates that know you are going to be traded, it would be tough to keep those bonds and friendships when you are soon becoming an opponent.

Kolb showed tremendous character by going into practice anyway. Call it a last hoorah or a final goodbye with his teammates, but it took a lot of swagger to walk into team workouts and stick around. Throughout this entire ordeal, Kolb has shown nothing but an excellent character that a team would want their starting quarterback to have.

But Kolb gets this game. He knows that he will come at a high price, and he wants to show the other teams interested in trading for him that he is worth every draft pick. Displaying excellent work ethic as he was one of the athletes in the NFL that actually went to practice. As not every player attended these organized workouts,  the ones who did attend now have a gold-star next to their name on the team.

Kolb may not have one with Philadelphia, but with any other team looking to trade for him. There have been questions of whether Kolb is worth a first round pick, and those doubts should be silenced now. He has shown off the big four, 1. Potential, 2. Class, 3. Character, and 4. Work Ethic. Essentially the four things that any coach looks at when looking to trade around high draft picks in exchange for a player.

Kevin Kolb, my personal respect has multiplied, and also your league wide popularity, a true athlete and gentleman.

Grew up in Philadelphia, huge supporter of all Philadelphia sports, primarily the Eagles. I have been through the ups and the downs with the Eagles organization, and I am still a huge fan. If you have any questions- Feel free to contact me.

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