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Memphis DT Dontari Poe Visits Philadelphia Eagles – Quick Draft Opinion

Dontari Poe Visits Philly!

Hold on, ladies and gents.

The Philadelphia Eagles have reportedly had an official visit with Memphis defensive tackle, Dontari Poe. This marks what will be a series of high-profile visits with targets the Eagles could possibly draft in the first-round later this month. There were also rumors that the team has hosted LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers recently, and more than likely the team will also take a look into other top-tier defensive tackle, Fletcher Cox, at some point.

According to most mock drafts floating around the Internet, the Eagles will be taking one of the three defensive tackles listed above, primarily because there won’t be any linebacker talent left available that is worthy a #15 overall selection. Chances are, Cox will be taken, and both Poe and Brockers will still be on the board. This is of course not taking into account possible trades and rebel coaches that are willing to reach for defensive talent, and as it’s easy to find out — the draft is impossible to predict.

And regardless of cries of rebellion, Philadelphia is still exploring the option of adding defensive line depth. The team obviously doesn’t feel safe at defensive tackle with Cullen Jenkins, Antonio Dixon and, Trevor Laws as the only current players still under contract. Considering that Dixon was pegged to be the future, it seems that the Eagles may be ready to thrown in the towel and not hand him a starting role after multiple ill-timed injuries throughout his career.

Personally, I still feel that linebacker (even with the addition of Demeco Ryans) is the Eagles biggest need. Both outside slots, which are currently being manned by Brian Rolle and Jamar Chaney, could stand to be upgraded. I stand by my original prediction that if Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly falls to the Eagles, there shouldn’t be any hesitation in drafting him. The kid has shown the skills to play almost any linebacker postion, and he could be a great fill-in on the outside to flank Ryans in the middle. I’d even go as far as to say that Philadelphia should flirt with the idea of trading-up in the draft to snag Kuechly, a player that has shown the skill set to be a franchise cornerstone on defense.

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12 Responses to “Memphis DT Dontari Poe Visits Philadelphia Eagles – Quick Draft Opinion”

  1. tval says:

    i think i agree…and if not lb, safety…coleman is the king dunlap of our secondary…i wld love curtney upshaw dont’a hightower for physicality..over kuechly feelin a ‘trade up’ in this round for some reason…dont know why?? amount of 2nd 3rd rd picks..but if mike floyd falls to us…not that many consider it falling, i do…but i wanted desean first rd….and we waited forever…and lucked out!! i think floyd in west coast is special…far more proven except some backers (easier transition)…more immediate impact on team…quick seperation for vick!!

    • Troy Ballard says:

      The only issue I see with drafting a safety is this — the Eagles aren’t willing to toss in the towel on both Nate Allen and Jaiquawn Jarrett.

      The two were both second-round picks, and both are still young. I’m not sold on either of them, as Allen seems to be soft and Jarrett is too agressive in pass coverage, but the Eagles definitely don’t want to give up on them. They have potential to become a nasty combo if they both stay healthy and mesh well together in the secondary.

      I agree about Coleman. He’s just bad. Aside from that one game where he had like four interceptions, but other than that, it’s amazing he is still on the team.

      Floyd is a beast. But I don’t see the Eagles spending a first-rounder on him, or even the Cardinals high-second-rounder. He’d be a nice pick-up, no doubt. I also really like Stephen Hill from Georgia Tech — he can ball.

  2. tval says:

    i agree 100 % on steph hill…ima acc fan (fsu) hes true sleeper, he’ll need more time to develop bein from option offense, hes more denaryius than calvin tho, floyd could start slot yesterday..or move maclin & desean around too…to keep the defense guessing and make nickels guard star receivers!! i think early 2 at best for steph hill..alshon jeff too..seems he was hurt by bad qb play…and u hav mcnutt from iowa, similar to alshons qb play…i nevr understood jarrett pickup..allen was pretty good as youngin but his injury slowed him badly, played well late!! i think we should take long look at barron…if hes bettr than both safeties now…we should take regardless, imo…that position is so important…to help nnamdi & drc most importantly..having a guy physically/athletically capable to defend pass run consistent and lead.. when i saw floyd blow by xavier rhodes and lamarcus joyner tho i was sold (although a td drop)!! we may just need a defensive stud early, our dline struggled too, depth-wise wout bunkley to help hold the line…cullen and mpatt need a young freak i.e. poe, brockers, cox n the fold…i really think court upshaw is the freak sleeper of this defensive group…dudes an animal!! and when coleman had 4 ints that game i wldve had 5….dude is awful!! i was so upset, knowing it would prevent his being benched…like it wasnt awful qb play

  3. tval says:

    what lb wld u take @15??…assuming kuechly is gone?? or not even….1a. upshaw 1b. hightower 3b. kuechly… for me…and i think luke is a great player!! hes more finesse when we need to establish toughness under juan….kuechly is vilma type…lukes unreal n space too…i watched him alot.. just think to stuff the run now, either of these 3 could, upshaw or kuechly with ryans & chaney wld fit bettr, hightower is more same position as demeco, imo!!

    • Troy Ballard says:

      I really like Upshaw and Hightower (really I love that entire Bama defense), but the two are still kind of raw. They have great instincts and they definetly have the talent, but their actual skills on the field could use some work. They over-commit, over-run, and play flat-footed on plays.

      Kuechly is NFL ready and good to go. He’s the most prepared and well-stocked LB in the draft.

      I still have a soft spot for Vontaze Burfict. The dude may have an attitude issue, but I still think he’s a baby Ray Lewis! HUGE potential to do big things! Keep his temper under control, and he could very well be the best LB in the draft!

  4. Toddo says:

    I love the idea of still drafting Kuechly in the first round, even if we have to package another pick to move up to 12 (Seattle) who has been rumored to want to trade back. They also seem to be out biggest competition to get Luke. My ideal draft is as follows: Round 1: Kuechly; round 2: harrison smith the SS from ND; round 2: best dt on the board (Reyes from uconn, worthy from mich state, Thompson from Clemson or still from Penn State); round 3: Benard Pierce Rb from temple. I wish I was studying a bit more to go further but I haven’t. But 4 contributors with your first 4 picks 2 of them most likely to be starters from day one will make me a happy man. Thoughts?

    • Troy Ballard says:

      Sounds like a solid draft plan. That is of course saying that Luke falls in the first, and Philly doesn’t have to trade-up. Because not matter what, to trade-up, one of those seconds, if not both, are going to be out the window.

      Smith is a stud. He’d be very solid, and easily could compete for a starting job.

      I don’t think Still will fall that far in the second. He’s great. I love him. But I don’t think he will slip to the Eagles second-second round pick. Reyes and Thompson are much more likely.

      In terms of Bernard Pierce.. YES! That kid can ball. He’d be a great back-up to Shady. Super tough runner and great in the open field. Not to mention, he’s a hometown kid!

      The only fear I have – if the Eagles take an OL in the first to replace Peters long-term. It’s unlikely, but still possible.

      • Toddo says:

        I’m hoping they stay out of the trenches for the first pick. I also think there is a decent shot for Kuechly to fall to us at 15. Just an ideal draft for me.

  5. tval says:

    i think i agree about kuechly being most nfl ready…i see alot have upshaw as d end prospect?? i fig he was 3-4 olb or slb 4-3…i agree they over pursue and get out of position but as far as stopping the run now, our real weakness, they are best fits….kuechly may be best combo run pass defender…hes not overrated…at all…i love thompson from clemson and worthy @ msu…i agree we get two quality contributors first 4 is great…especially the way we’ve thrown away 2nd rounders anyway…why not trade or take a gamble….im really feeling janoris jenkins even if we have to trade up late 1st…dude locked down aj green and julio as a baby gator!! gotta replace asante with quality that could replace drc immediately…i remember the sheldon brown lito sheppard draft…when we already had troy & bobby!! lito is rubbish compared to janoris, whose red flags stemmed from urban meyers quitting on team…he shldve already been n nfl….vontaze…i dont think really translates well as 3-down lb…imo….im skeptical of pac 10~~~go sec then acc is close second if not even better nfl talent

  6. tval says:

    im expecting monster yr from brand graham…he lookd promising befor inj…so maybe not an upshaw type…but luke wld definitely help remedy our middle d problems…he gobbled up nole receivers n space consistently on an overmatched defense…he was a true stand-out…i wld love for us to get the j ratliff/j tuck out of this bunch of dt’s…still is intriguing too!! pennsylvania boy may stay home…i think jenkins may be the biggest contributor outside of luke alone…floyd, jenkins and kuechly now are tops on my day one draft day eagle wish list!!…id trade my entire draft for those 3!!!

  7. tval says:

    and be4 u bash my 3 player mike ditkaesque draft….just know if i wer bengals gm last 10 seasons….theyd have desean nstead of recently cut jerome simpson..steven jackson nstead of the long departed chris perry…and erin hernandez n 2nd 3rd rd nstead of j gresham 1st rd!! im a draftnik…more offensive specialty…obviously….but i know stars like jenkins kuechly upshaw when i see them

  8. tval says:

    with hernandez pick i obviously admit my gronkowki miss….that dudes a freak that i noticed…but ddnt fully expect to do what hes way

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