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Grading the Philadelphia Eagles 2012 NFL Draft

With the 2012 NFL Draft in the books, it’s time to do what every single writer loves to do — hand out grades and break down a team’s performance. Philadelphia had a very strong draft, but to be honest, I really liked other picks much more than others. These grades are based off of the overall […]

Philadelphia Eagles Rounds 4-7 2012 NFL Draft Recap

Following a successful first two days at the 2012 NFL Draft, Philadelphia continued to make selections in the later rounds that have earned the Eagles immense praise amongst analysts and fans alike. The team continued to address needs both on offense and defense, and hopefully found some hidden gems in the later rounds. Here’s the breakdown: Round 4, Pick […]

Philadelphia Eagles Rounds 1-3 2012 NFL Draft Recap

Whew, it’s been a good one. Unlike previous drafts in recent memory, the Philadelphia Eagles have done an amazing job this year. Through the first three-rounds, the Eagles made necessary moves to acquire talent, filling major needs and adding excellent depth at the same time. It should be noted early on — if Philadelphia was weak up […]

Philadelphia Eagles Select Mychal Kendricks in Second-Round of the 2012 NFL Draft

In day-two of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles continue to draft big. Reaping the rewards of having the Arizona Cardinals second rounder from the Kevin Kolb deal, the Eagles elected to bolster the linebacking corps by drafting Mychal Kendricks. The need at linebacker was glaring, and with a player like Kendricks still available, Philadelphia […]

Philadelphia Eagles Select Fletcher Cox in the First Round of the 2012 NFL Draft

Looks like Philadelphia ended up getting the man of the hour. Well, at least the Eagles man of the hour. Philadelphia did a quick trade with the Seattle Seahawks to move up three spots to 12th overall to draft Mississippi State defensive tackle, Fletcher Cox. There was almost no doubt that the Eagles would draft one of the many […]

No Faith in Mike Kafka? The Philadelphia Eagles Are Set at Quarterback!

There has been much talk recently about the Philadelphia Eagles selecting a quarterback in the upcoming draft to replace Michael Vick in the long-term, and also in the event that he was to get injured again. Apparently, people are looking right past the talent that Philly already has, and the talks of taking a quarterback […]

Philadelphia Eagles Receive No Compensatory Picks in 2012 NFL Draft

The NFL announced all teams receiving compensatory picks in the 2012 NFL Draft, and the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t get a single one. Compensatory picks are based off talent gained and lost through free agency, and considering Philly went gonzo last off-season on a free agent spending spree, it’s only expected the team didn’t get any. […]

What Should The Philadelphia Eagles Look For in Return of Kevin Kolb?

The Philadelphia Eagles and Kevin Kolb have reached the ultimate conclusion a trade will happen, just as soon as the NFL Lockout is lifted and teams can trade, and the Eagles have been noted looking for draft picks, but I think otherwise. When Philadelphia went into the draft, I had visions of Kolb being traded […]