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Denver Not Interested in Donovan?

Denver was recently listed by Sal Paolantonio as one of three teams that had contacted the Eagles about the services of Donovan McNabb. However, the Broncos are denying the report is true. I didn’t really see Denver as a heavy possibility to begin with so I’m not surprised that they’re denying the report. The Eagles […]

Brian Dawkins Will Be Introduced Sunday

If the return of Brian Dawkins wasn’t set to be emotional enough already, it just got a bit more interesting. Head coach Josh McDaniels has announced that the Denver Broncos defense will be announced in Sunday’s game against the Eagles. This means Brian Dawkins name will be introduced and he will run onto the field […]

Who are the Denver Broncos?

If you thought it’s been hard being an Eagles fan this year with all their inconsistencies, try being a Denver Broncos fan. They get rid of Jay Cutler and there’s question of how Kyle Orton can come in and handle the offense. To everyone’s surprise, they come out 6-0 with wins over teams like the […]

What’s Your Favorite Brian Dawkins Moment?

It’s pretty easy to tell what the big story line of this week is going to be. Brian Dawkins will make his much anticipated return to Philadelphia this Sunday, and he won’t be wearing an Eagles jersey. When Dawkins signed with Denver, it was hard for a lot of people to swallow. He did a […]