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The NFL Owes the Eagles an Apology After the Colts Game

No matter what the outcome of a game is, I hate to blame the officiating. They’re humans and they make mistakes. However, the officiating in the Eagles and Colts match-up has to be some of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. The Eagles racked up a total of total of 14 penalties against […]

Three Key Match-Ups to Watch for Against the Colts

As the Eagles make their return from the bye week, they won’t be greeted with a very easy task. The Colts will be coming to town, led by their high powered offense and quarterback Peyton Manning. On the Eagles side of the ball, we will see the return of Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson, two […]

Opposing Gab – Interview with

The bye week is finally behind us and we can begin looking forward to Eagles football again. In order to get back in the swing of things, I was able to ask columnist Josh Dhani a series of questions about the match-up. Josh weighs in on the legacy of Peyton Manning, gives us his […]

Thoughts on the Super Bowl

Last year’s Super Bowl was arguably one of the best there has been, so it’s going to be hard to follow that up. Drew Brees and Peyton Manning will do their best to put on a show but I don’t see this game being the type of game we saw last year. I think the […]